Urgent Garmin Service Advisory click here for details.

Urgent Garmin Service Advisory


In March 2023 Garmin issued Service Advisory 23018 Rev A which stated “Due to multiple component availability limitations, comprehensive repair service for the Garmin GNS 430(W)/530(W) series is expected to become limited in the years ahead. Initially, these limitations are estimated to impact a small percentage of repairs beginning in 2024.”

This month they released Revision B stating “Effective immediately, display repairs for the WAAS and Non-WAAS GPS 400, GNC 420, and GNS 430 are no longer available and have been discontinued.”

Also stated “Products that must be returned by Garmin as unrepairable due to an announced unavailability of repair parts will incur a $500 processing fee per unrepairable unit.”

They still have some displays for the GNS 500 series units for now.

The GNS series was truly a revolution in technology when introduced but is now facing obsolescence due to age. The GTN series has picked up the torch with its modern architecture. For now Garmin is offering a rebate to its dealers to trade in GNS series units on modern GTN and GTX which we at Coastal Winds will pass along to our customers. Call us or click here (link to quote request) to discuss upgrades.

Click to see the full Service Advisories Rev A and Rev B

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