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Securing Permission To Fly To Coastal Winds Avionics

To secure permission to fly to Coastal Winds Avionics at the Mobile Regional Airport (KMOB), please apply online at  sapt.faa.gov/form.php .

For instructions on using the tool see the FAA Webpage sapt.faa.gov/adapt-start.php which gives an overview of the process. You can also download the User Guide[pdf] (7.3MB), chapter 8 gives instructions on using the online form.

Non ADS-B equipped aircraft must make the request at least 1 hour before proposed departure.

After you press SUBMIT, you should see an immediate response and an updated screen describing the status of the request. You will also receive an official email which will contain additional request status details. For requests labelled “Pending,” an immediate email response will be sent advising that the request is in pending status.

*Note: If departure is not made within 2 hours of the proposed departure time your authorization will be cancelled, and you will have to complete the process of applying for another one-time deviation from the start.

If you have any questions, the staff at Coastal Winds Avionics is here to help walk you through the process.

Still not sure about ADS-B airspace and requirements?

Follow this link www.faa.gov/nextgen/equipadsb/research/airspace/ and use the interactive map specific to your flying locations.