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Streamline your flight prep, and enjoy your aircraft more with the GDL 60 datalink and PlaneSync™ technology. It’s the connected aircraft solution that automatically updates your avionics databases, logs flight/engine data and lets you remotely check fuel and systems status via your Garmin Pilot™ smart-device app.

Coastal Winds Avionics, Your Local Garmin Experts

Coastal Winds Avionics is proud to introduce you to one of the biggest advances in communication with your aircraft’s avionics to come along in years.  We’re ready to assist you with any questions you have about incorporating this solution into your aircraft.

GDL 60 is the datalink that enables our PlaneSync technology; it is compatible with GTN™ Xi navigators and select flight decks.

  • Automatic downloads via 4G LTE cellular or Wi-Fi® connectivity keep your avionics updated with the latest databases.
  • Got fuel for your trip? Check the Garmin Pilot app on your smart device for a real-time aircraft status update.
  • Upload your flight plan data to your compatible navigator at the airport. In flight, you can use Connext® services to interface portable devices and apps with your avionics.
  • At journey’s end, your flight logs, EIS data and other info are securely uploaded into cloud storage for review.

Make the connection to maintain flight readiness.


Forget time-consuming manual updates via data card. Your GDL 60 offers database downloads directly to the aircraft. You don’t need to be present for the process. Most databases will auto-synchronize across your avionics at power-up.


With compatible avionics, your aircraft’s GDL 60 datalink can automatically transmit flight and engine log data to secure cloud storage after landing. You can view this data on devices running the Garmin Pilot app or share it online with your maintenance crew via the flyGarmin.com® website.


With GDL 60 and the Garmin Pilot app, keeping tabs on your aircraft from virtually anywhere is easy. When appropriately equipped, an aircraft dashboard page lets you check active/standby database status, as well as Hobbs, tachometer and flight times, fuel quantity, battery voltage, OAT, oil temperature and aircraft GPS location.


Adding the GDL 60 datalink to your system lets you use Connext to stream weather, traffic, AHRS, flight plans and other data from your avionics to flight apps such as Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight.


When installed with a GDL 69A SXM satellite receiver, GDL 60 streaming capabilities can support remote tuning of SiriusXM® audio entertainment channels via the Garmin Pilot app on compatible mobile devices.


GDL 60 can also act as an interface to a GSR 56 satellite transceiver with Connext satellite services. From the Garmin Pilot app, you can utilize in-flight text messaging or initiate voice calls to help you stay connected from virtually anywhere.

  • Active PlaneSync and database subscriptions are required for automatic database updates. Active PlaneSync subscription plan required for flight log uploading. Features are available on-ground only and requires GDL 60 to have active LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity; signal strength and other factors may apply. See Garmin.com/PlaneSyncCoverage for LTE coverage details.
  • Remote aircraft status requires an active PlaneSync subscription. The user’s smart device must have internet connectivity. The feature is available on-ground only and requires GDL 60 to have LTE connectivity; signal strength and other factors may apply. See Garmin.com/PlaneSyncCoverage for coverage details.
  • This information is intended as supplemental information only and is not a substitute for pre-flight checks
  • GPS location provided by avionics. Select avionics can provide live location with a compatible GPS antenna; otherwise, location displayed will be based on the avionics last known location. GPS signal strength and other factors may apply.
  • Compatible avionics required
  • Sold separately; subscription required
  • Flight log uploading expected to be available in 2024

Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc.

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