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Troubleshooting Sudden Audio Problems In Your Aircraft

Troubleshooting Sudden Audio Problems In Your Aircraft


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Have you ever flown your aircraft one day and had no audio issues and all of a sudden, the next day you do?

Hi, I’m Dallas with Coastal Winds Avionics. I get calls all the time from pilots who have developed sudden audio issues and they need to get them looked at.

In this video, I’m going to go over a few tips and tricks that you can check before bringing your aircraft to me.

First, check your squelch settings. You might have inadvertently changed them and now it sounds like your audio system is noisy.

Second, make sure there are no unused headsets plugged in. This open mic can introduce a lot of ambient cockpit noise into your audio system. Make a habit to unplug and stow your headsets every time you get out of the aircraft. One errant kick can damage either the plug or the jack itself.

Third, do you use your cigarette lighter to power your personal electronic device or iPad? Even unplugged, having this plugged into the cigarette lighter can create noise on your audio system.

We can install a panel-mounted aircraft-powered USB charger that is Type-A, Type-C… any number of variants can be installed. If you check all these items and you still have an audio issue, it may be time to come see me.

Give me a call at the number listed on the screen or visit our website at cwa.aero.

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