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Might 5G Affect Your Aircraft?



It’s been reported that the 5G signals can diminish the accuracy of Radio Altimeter performance. This causes concern among many pilots regarding the data they rely upon for approaches as well as when flying into regions of diverse terrain. With the rollout of 5G networks near airports temporarily delayed to allow for additional discussion, pilots and aircraft owners should consider the publicized effects and the impact on their flying.

TAWS may be the solution. Terrain Avoidance Warning Systems, or TAWS, provide supplemental situational awareness information. Modern TAWS systems use a combination of WAAS GPS data, terrain databases, and traditional altimeters to provide additional information to the pilot.

If you already have TAWS, please take the time to make sure that your software and databases are up to date. If you need assistance with these updates, or do not have TAWS and would like to get more information about what systems are available for your aircraft, please give Coastal Winds Avionics a call or visit our website cwa.aero to launch an inquiry.

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