LPV Approaches for your Citation


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LPV Approaches, Citation 525 & CJs

Coupled LPV approaches and more with the installation of dual Garmin GTN 750/650 and autopilot interface available for:

Citation 525/CJ1/CJ1+/CJ2/CJ2+/CJ3/CJ3+.

Other options include Single or Dual G600TXi displays with GFC 600 Autopilot, Remote Audio and Transponders, ADS-B in and many others. (Ask us about them)!

Save time by having our partner, Jet Services, perform scheduled maintenance such as tires/wheels/brake services, battery capacity checks, compressor washes, document inspections, and more while your plane is here. Please inquire!

CJ1 & CJ2: Typical Installation Example With ProLine 21 FCS*: $95,000

Dual GTN750Xi Complete System
System with GTN 750Xi and GTN 650Xi

Upgrade Previously Installed GTN X50 to GTN X50Xi: *95,000

Dual GTN750Xi Complete System
System with GTN 750Xi and GTN 650Xi

*Other models may vary depending on complexity, contact us about your specific aircraft 1Includes new Garmin GMA 35c remote audio panel with Bluetooth inputs!

The team at Coastal Winds Avionic has over 50 years of Avionics Retrofit experience:

• From Turbo Props to Corporate jets
• Complete avionics suites
• In-house instrument panel fabrication

Call or email us to talk about your avionics project today!

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Coupled LPV Approaches

With the installation of dual Garmin GTN 750Xi/650Xi and autopilot interface for: 550 Bravos, 560 Ultras, Encores, & Excels.