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Coupled LPV Approaches


Cessna Citation Bravos, Encores, Excels & Ultras

Similar Options Available for Other Citations

550 Bravo Complete/Installed Example (SN 801 and later) *: $120,000

(1) Garmin GTN 750Xi and (1) GTN 650Xi GPS/NAV/COMM/MFDs1, (1) Garmin Bluetooth Audio Panel2,
(2) Garmin Transponders (ADS-B Out), new custom powder-coated instrument panels with silk-screened text, new annunciators, all labor, etc.

* Price is for Non-TCAS II equipped aircraft and aircraft with IC600 symbol generator installed.

1 Optional: (2) GTN 1 750Xi setup (vs. 750Xi/650Xi shown above) … $125,000
2 Includes new Garmin GMA 35c remote audio panel with Bluetooth inputs!

Avionics Financing Available

While upgrading your avionics, consider getting your aircraft serviced by our partner next door, Jet Services.

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550 Bravo Phase Inspection Special:
Phase B, 1-4 Inspection… $14,750

Citation Bravo Phase B, 1-5 Inspection: $50,200
Citation V/Ultra Phase B, 1-4 Inspection: $13,100
Citation V/Ultra Phase B, 1-5 Inspection: $46,750

Other services we can perform during layover:

  • Tires/Wheels/Brake services
  • Battery capacity checks
  • Landing gear service
  • Compressor washes
  • Other document inspections
  • Engine Minors

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Urgent Garmin Service Advisory