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Witches and Werewolves


…… aren’t nearly as scary as an emergency landing!

Talk to us about Smart Glide, Garmin’s revolutionary safety technology that automates tasks and reduces pilot workload in single-engine aircraft power loss emergencies.

Smart Glide aids the pilot by recommending a suitable airport estimated to be within glide range, as well as providing critical information to the pilot and optimizing select avionics settings, helping save the pilot precious time and workload.

If you’ve got a pre-July 2021 Garmin Xi-series navigator Coastal Winds Avionics can perform the full upgrade for you for well under $500. If, however, you’ve been waiting for the right excuse to upgrade your Legacy GNS or other navigation system, here it is!

Don’t let a monstrous landing scare you or your precious cargo, protect yourselves with Smart Glide by calling a Coastal Winds Avionics advisor today to learn more!

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