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King Air F90 Avionics Upgrade

Components Removed:

OEM Honeywell and Collins avionics

Upgrades Installed:

  • Dual Garmin G600 TXi systems
  • Dual Garmin GTN 750Xi’s
  • S-TEC 3100 Autopilot
  • Garmin TXi EIS Turbine engine information system
  • Garmin GWX 75 Digital Radar

Fuel Efficient Upgrade Saves 335 Pounds

Hi, I’m Dallas with Coastal Winds Avionics. We just completed a job that turned out looking absolutely fantastic! The customer brought us this 1983 Beechcraft F90 King Air for a full panel install and to remove all the old OEM avionics. I’m going to let John, our Avionics Manager, tell you about it.

Hi, I’m John. And as Dallas mentioned earlier, this was pretty much stock avionics when we received this aircraft. The customer brought it to us and he wanted to modernize it and go all glass all the way across. So, we accomplished that. We installed dual G600 TXi systems. We installed dual GTN 750Xi’s. We installed the latest STEC 3100 autopilot and then to top it off we added the Garmin TXi EIS turbine system.

The panel itself we fabricated in-house powder-coated it and silk-screened all the necessary placards and labels. This is truly now a pilot’s dream.

By installing modern digital avionics, we were able to remove a lot of the excessive wiring and components that the aircraft was manufactured with. In fact we removed a significant amount of weight. How much weight was that, John?

I’ll tell you what. He is going to be so excited. The difference in weight is 335 pounds. He can take more passengers now, take off a little faster, who knows? It’s up to him at this point.

Or you could bank that weight and use less fuel in your next trip. Anyway, this project turned out fantastic and we are very proud of it. I’d like to thank Garmin for all their help, especially with the EIS which turned out fantastic, I want to thank our technicians who poured their heart and soul into it and it shows. And I’d like to thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

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Until then… Happy flying!