Used Avionics



Used Conditions

(AR) A used part pulled from an aircraft.  It may be fully operational, repairable, or beyond economical repair.  Generally, these items need to be sent to a qualified MRO for testing and/or repair. These units rarely come with manufacturer certificates or airworthiness documentation.

(SV) A used part that has been tested in accordance with OEM specifications.  Typically comes with a FAA 8130 airworthiness certificate.

(RP) Usually a used Serviceable part that required some repair to qualify for an FAA 8130.  Likely comes with a teardown sheet detailing what was done.  

(OH) A used part that has been thoroughly overhauled.  May or may not have been cosmetically renewed.

(FN) Is a New Part.  Generally shipped direct from the manufacturer and is less than 2 years old.  Comes with manufacturer certificate(s).

(NE) Is a New Part.  May have traded hands with distribution.  May be more than 2 years old but has not been installed or used.  Usually comes with manufacturer certificates.

(NS) Is a New Part sold to one party (airline) then sold to another (distributor) and is now available for purchase.  It is a new part, just not being sold by the manufacturer or first tier distributor.  Check to see if manufacturer certificates are available.